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Deranged Killers

Charles Manson (Corbis)


They are among the most notorious killers in history. Among them: Bundy, Ramirez, Berkowitz. Household names of true life horror.

How were these mass murders brought to justice? And how different might the cases have been if they were investigated today, given modern crime solving techniques?

Deranged Killers takes viewers inside the original investigations, getting the step-by-step stories from eyewitnesses, the original investigators, forensic scientists, and the killers themselves; giving viewers the low-down and the latest revelations on ten of the most dangerous men in American history.

Episodes focus on such notorious killers as: Ted Bundy, the Night Stalker, the Son of Sam, the Green River Killer, the DC Sniper, Andrew Cunanan, Charles Whitman, Henry Lee Lucas, the Hillside Strangler, and Charles Manson.


Episode 1: Ted Bundy

The total number may never be known, but at least 26, and as many as 100, unfortunate women and girls were victims of Ted Bundy during his four-year killing spree.

That such a savage monster was to all observers a dapper and charming man makes his case all the more compelling.

How did authorities track, capture, and prosecute Ted Bundy? This program interviews prosecutors, detectives, psychiatrists, forensic scientists, and Bundy's neighbours and classmates to seek answers.

Ted Bundy may have been executed in Florida in 1989, but the memory of his reign of terror lives on.

Episode 2: Son of Sam

The arrest of serial killer David Berkowitz in the summer of 1977 marked the end of a year-long rampage that left six people dead and several wounded in New York City.

This real-life documentary thriller traces the parallel stories of Berkowitz, as well as the dedicated New York City detectives who worked day and night to capture the serial killer.

The use of dramatically produced re-enactments, an original interview with David Berkowitz as well as actual news footage of the shocking events gives the viewer a chilling insight into how one of the most brutal killers in American history was brought to justice.


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